Our Media Partners

A HUGE thank you to our valued media partners, unity is very powerful.

ION Indie Magazine - ION Indie Magazine is a global initiative of journalists, photojournalists and industry professionals that donate their time and talent to promote independent music of all genres. Our publication partners with broadcasters and others to raise awareness for the independent movement—both through the written word and broadcast. Collaboratively, we work to provide a forum to spotlight and support local music…worldwide. We get independent music read about, seen and heard!

Fish Creek Radio - Making the world a better place, One song at a time. Fish Creek Radio is always helping with broadcasts and archiving. Fish Creek Radio also assists with programming diversity on Indie On Air! Radio.

Airel's Independent Locket Join me on www.neueregelradio.com or on our free app Friday at 12N EST as these rockers show us why music cannot be contained and are in our blood: