Indie on Air! loves to work with deserving, passionate independent artists from all over the world. There is strength in numbers when it comes to independents; whether they are artists or music business professionals. To inquire about the possibilities contact Jeff Classic Popka at We can't make you famous but we can help you get heard and noticed. International artists hoping to break into the US market are strongly encouraged to get in touch with us.

Whitty Whitesell is available for appearances at select festivals and venues. He is also available for interviews and other new media coverage. Please contact: Jeff Classic Popka @ or simply call 812-202-3899 for more information.

Our Roster

Whitty Whitesell (Champaign, IL)

Sugar Gliders (Wellington, New Zealand) 

Fret Highway (Abeline, KS)

L.A. Crowder (Nashville, TN)

Brent Byrd (North East, FL)

Dongle (Austin, TX)

Surreal Nation (Smyrna, DE)

AndyB.And featuring SoulFolk (New Brunswick, NJ)

Our Photos!

Meet the Indie on Air Records Team

Our Photos!

Jeff Classic Popka - Founder/Our Fearless Leader/Indie Artist Champion

"I may lead the team but we are a truly collective endeavor. My mission is to help as many deserving emerging independent artists as possible."

Richard Bedell (San Antonio, TX) - Director of Operations

"I work in the music industry because it is one of the many things that build up my life. Crank it up!"

Rick is the owner of Fish Creek Radio and Executive Producer of Texas Indie Fest and Emit the Vibe.

Editor's Note: Jeff and Rick were once described as "Little Imperfect Jesus's"

Angela McGowan (Raleigh, NC) - Artist Representative

Angela McGowan is a talented Artist Representative for Indie On Air Records. She provided an ease to open doors of communication for collaboration with artists, local venues and logistics. Prior to joining Indie On Air Records, she was a litigation paralegal and guardian ad litem for children in need of services. She now taps into her 25 years of strong attention to detail and the keen human relations skills needed within those legal services to provide a comfortable and professional segue for artists to connect with the vast opportunities available at Indie on Air Records.

Angela’s greatest strengths are her passion for multiple genres of music, self discipline and sense of community. She often draws upon her secret weapon: an unparalleled network of contacts and resources that can open doors like magic. She finds great joy in helping artists to connect with other passionate people in order to share their gift of their craft.

Matt Hammonds (Nashville, TN) - A&R Rep

Matt is a music industry professional living in Nashville, TN. He works at ASCAP and also plays bass for indie rock group Coopertheband. He married the love of his life (Sarah) in June 2017. They have a wonderful fur baby (Golden Retriever named Pete). SIDE NOTE: Matt has more pictures on his phone of Pete than his wife and his basses combined.

Geri Imbriani (Los Angeles, CA) - Social Media Director

April Jones (Kansas City, MO) - Publicist

Robert Tyson (Denver, CO) - A&R Rep

Sarah Marie (Columbus, OH) - Executive Assistant

Derek Davis (Austin, TX) - Austin Venue Liaison/Booking Assistant

I have been playing music off and on for over 30 years.  I took a few years off from music and came back to my passion in 2013 as the drummer for the band that would eventually become Dongle.  I soon realized my love for booking.  I booked a couple of shows with friends and eventually became the booking manager for Ear Splitting Media.  Once my time with ESM was over, I began booking independently again.  In that time, I also began designing flyers and other print media for venues, bands and corporate clients.  In my down time, I love spending time with my wife and 3 kids who are also musicians.  After meeting some of the IOA team at Texas IndieFest in 2018, I was very impressed by the mission and business model.  I am looking forward to helping IOA in any way I can.

Doug Barnack - Executive Producer/A&R Representative

I grew up in Merrillville, IN which is located about 40 miles Southeast of Chicago. I am a licensed CPA and have worked in the accounting/finance field for over 20 years. I also worked in public accounting doing taxes for 2 years. I received my MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management with a concentration in Finance. My undergraduate work was completed at Purdue University.  I live in Indianapolis, IN with my wife and 4 children, two of which attend college. We have two dogs, both Australian Shepherds, that are very smart and we enjoy them very much. I also enjoy spending time with my family, reading and listening to music.
I am really looking forward to being a part of the IOA family plus meeting and helping all of the great emerging artists!

Jessica Lentz - Creative Director

 Jessica Lentz has been creating ever since she was old enough to get her hands on a box of crayons. After obtaining her BS in studio arts, she started her own freelance business creating commissioned works of art in many formats. She makes her home in a small town outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and lives by the motto, "Comparison is the thief of joy.To see the variety of mediums Jessica works in, please visit:  artofjessica.blogspot, and to see her newest venture check here:

Eric V. Nielsen - Executive Producer

Eric has had a varying career in the music industry. He started his foray into music after picking up electric guitar at age 13. Within a year he was putting bands together and booking them into local high schools in S. Florida. After moving to Texas, he went to Berklee in the late 70s and eventually returned to become part of the Austin, TX, music scene of the 80s.

Life happened as it often does … but Eric kept his hands in the music business all through the years. And his life experiences have served him well in the music business … over 30 years of working with contracts and attorneys. Currently, Eric and his company Dead Rose Management LLC manage, produces and mentors Tough On Fridays, currently ReverbNation’s No. 1 Alternative band in the Austin Metro area with a world-wide following of over 5000. He has been an active member of the Texas Chapter of the Recording Academy for over 10 years. And now as an Executive Producer for Indie On Air Records he hopes to use his expertise to help deserving artists achieve their dream … wherever it may lead.