Breaking News! Stop.Drop.Rewind (progressive rock band, Valparaiso, IN) agrees to a management deal with Anger Management (Los Angeles)!

SDR is the latest to join the multi-faceted and ever expanding Anger MGMT team. The company is breaking into the Midwest and ecstatic to add a band such as Stop.Drop.Rewind.

Chris Cardenas (CEO - Anger MGMT) - "We are excited to have Stop.Drop.Rewind as our newest family members at Anger MGMT, they bring a fun energetic sound to the family."

Jeff Classic Popka (A&R) - "I am extremely pleased to work with Stop.Drop.Rewind and will strive to help expand their reach and open new doors of opportunity. What initially caught my attention was their incredible musicianship and performance at Texas Indie Fest (Austin, TX  during SXSW) 2017."

Stop.Drop.Rewind (Anger MGMT artists) - "We're ridiculously excited to be a part of the Anger Management family, and are looking forward to working hard and growing together. We had the opportunity to work with Jeff last year at South By Southwest and he was a pleasure to work with, knowledgable and professional throughout the entire process. His event Texas Indie Fest was one of the highlights of our trip. We're just getting to know Chris, but we believe that together, we all have the skills,drive and passion to take our craft to the next level.

Stop.Drop.Rewind is:

Kris Lohn, DJ Crenson, Josh Andrews, Andy Sutton

Jeff Classic Popka is a journalist with ION Indie Magazine

Indie on Air Records Evansville, IN

VR360 Records Nashville,TN

White Swan Coffee Lab Evansville, IN


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