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2019 Festival Updates

The 2019 Texas Indie Fest will be held March 13th-16th at Texas Mist.

AndyB.AND featuring SoulFolk has joined the IOA Records roster

Andy B.


Surreal Nation is the newest addition to the IOA Records roster

Texas Music Cafe PBS Show filmed Tough On Fridays live on 5/12/2018

Rock is not Dead!  Dongle has joined the IOA Records family ...

Please Welcome Brent Byrd "The Peaceful Rebel Man" to the Indie On Air! Records family!


to all of the artists, guests and media partners who made the  2018 Texas Indie Fest a wonderful showcase.   Next year is already in the planning process...

Indie on Air Records Evansville, IN

Jeff  Classic Popka is also a journalist for ION Indie Magazine

Our friends at Fish Creek Radio have a groovy vibe happenin'

When sound is the question, the answer is always Kingdom Sound

Join me on www.neueregelradio.com or on our free app tFriday at 12N EST as these rockers show us why music cannot be contained and are in our blood:

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